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A revolutionary App designed to assist those who have been effected or those who have suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury or Concussion and suffer symptoms of these life changing injuries. Unlike any other app or assistive device, this App provides direct communication between the TBI Caretaker and the TBI/Concussion Sufferer.

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About Our App

A user-friendly app for TBI-client which is providing caretaker on touch.

About Tbi Caretaker App?

This App has been designed by a person who has served Caretaker of her brother, who suffered a life changing Traumatic Brain Injury almost 3 years ago. Based on their experience this App aims to make the lives of TBI/Concussion sufferers easier by providing a platform that:

  • Is editable by both the Caretaker and the TBI/Concussion Sufferer.
  • Has a Calender that both the Caretaker and TBI/Concussion Sufferer can edit, add appointments, reminders as well as keep track of events/tasks that the Sufferer has completed.
  • Has a FAQ section that is dedicated to the specific needs of a TBI/Concussion sufferer in order to provide a consistent place for them to visually see the things they may have forgotten as MEMORY LOSS is a major issue for anyone who has suffered this type of injury.
  • Has an "Emergency Contact" feature that the Sufferer can utilize to contact a dedicated person to assist them.
  • A messaging platform designed for the TBI sufferer to have direct communication with the Caretaker.

about our app

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App Features

See how the features of the app will help the caretaker to take care of the tbi client.


The caretaker can add a reminder to notify the tbi client to do the health-related task and can track and edit it accordingly.


The caretaker can add FAQ's related to the tbi client.

Emergency Call

The tbi client can add an emergency contact and can reach to it on just one touch.


Tbi client and caretaker can communicate with each other any time through message.

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App Screen Details

Clearly defined roles and a custom feature fitted to add reminders that will help the tbi client to do the task on time.

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app screen
app screen
app screen
app screen

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